Here at the Forge Martial Arts academy our kid’s classes, the Wolfpack, are educational and fun. With the kids learning numerous new skills in the martial arts as well as developing their own attributes.

Classes are fun and friendly but also hard work. Each child follows the set syllabus with a goal to grade when they feel ready. Many of the kids we have trained in the past go on to train as adults with us.

Our focus is to help develop the confidence and self esteem of each child through training in the arts. As well as ensuring that each child grows in character and personality and of course martial art skills.

The kids are introduced to a variety of arts. The first three ranks focus heavily on boxing and kickboxing. The following three, whilst continuing kickboxing also introduces them to Filipino Kali (stick fighting, kids use padded sticks).

They are also introduced at this stage to wrestling and grappling. From then on they start to blend the skills learnt to become a fully all round martial artist.


We focus heavily on improving the kids’ wellbeing as well as their martial art skills. Looking to help improve their confidence and self worth as well as their focus and discipline.

We believe that the martial arts are a great way for youngsters to grow and develop into early adulthood. Indeed part of our endeavour is to help kids as they transition from childhood into adulthood.

We have a fully equipped gym with matted floor and walls as well as everything they need to train. Each class will always have two coaches helping to ensure that each child receives a helping hand when needed.


In our club both parents and coaches help teach the classes. We feel strongly that allowing the parents to interact with the teaching process is both beneficial to the kids’ learning and also in helping parents understand exactly what it is we do. All those that coach are either well versed in teaching kids or are under the head coach learning how to teach. Some of which were once in the kids’ classes themselves.


We are a community club and therefore we keep our costs affordable to the community. Our costs are as follows

1 class per week :  £25 per month

2 classes per week: £30 per month

3 classes per week: £35 per month



Class Timetable

Monday                  5.30pm – 6.15pm

Thursday                5.30pm – 6.15pm

Saturday                 10.30am – 11.30am

The first class is a free trial.


1 class per week

2 classes per week

3 classes per week

If you would like to get in touch to book a trial class or if you have any enquiries you can get in touch with us at

Tel: 07549018924