Training in Martial Arts is not only great fun but deeply rewarding on a number of levels. Firstly, is of course, the fitness developed. Some Arts are less physically demanding than others, however training in any art will help you increase both your cardiovascular and muscle fitness. We will help you improve as you train, we do not expect you to turn up already highly fit, we will help you get there if that is your goal.

Another reason for training in the Martial Arts is for the psychological benefits that can be obtained. Increases in confidence and self esteem are common place, as well as a sense of well being and clear headedness especially after a good workout. As you start to master your skill-set you will develop the calmness of mind that comes with martial arts training. Knowing that you are getting fitter both physically and psychologically is probably one of the greatest rewards of your training, we see it in our students who always leave either smiling or laughing.

Perhaps the greatest reason for training in the arts though is simple. You want to be able to defend yourself should the need ever arise to do so. This of course the central reason to the existence of arguably all the Martial Arts. The systems we practice have this at their core. It is extremely important to us here at The Forge that all students are capable of looking after themselves and their loved ones. With that in mind all our sessions are underpinned by this philosophy. We do not teach material we feel is ineffective or useless in real situations.

Learning to spar and deal with adversity will help you as a student grow and develop the mindset and skills to deal with real situations. Whether you are boxing sparring with your partner or rolling on the mats you will start to develop a calmness of mind that will help you to increase your focus and discipline and better deal with difficult or problematic situations.

This leads us to another reason people love to train in the Martial Arts, social. Through regular training, drilling, rolling and sparring, friendships develop. It is for me one of the most rewarding aspects of my many years training, the deep friendships I have enjoyed. With everyone in the Dojo looking to improve their skills and all helping each other do just that, a real sense of kinship develops. It is not strange that here at the Forge we regard ourselves as family. We support each other whether just learning a new skill on the mats or whether supporting a fighter in the ring or cage.

There are many other reasons too but hopefully you can see already the benefits of training in the Martial Arts. I have trained since I was Eleven years old, some 37 years now, Ouch. Many of my life’s best moments have come through the Arts and certainly many of my best friends. The Arts are a journey and I can say hand on heart if you start your journey with us it will be exciting, rewarding and just plain old good fun.


The Forge Martial Arts Academy
Hut 22, Tilgate Recreation Centre
Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9BQ


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