The Wolf Pack
Here at The Forge Martial Arts Academy we are proud to announce our new kids classes ‘The Wolf Pack’. The benefits of martial arts training for our wolves are numerous with fitness being arguably at the top. However, there are others…

Self Esteem and Confidence

As our young wolves grow through the arts they will take part in activities such as gradings, competitions and numerous classes all of which are designed to develop their self esteem and confidence.

Focus and Patience

Martial arts training requires focus and patience arguably these are not qualities immediately evident in kids today. With regular training the young wolves will develop both of these important attributes.


Another aspect of training that is important to mention is challenge. Training in the arts can bring personal challenges as each young wolf hits obstacles in their training. It is important to us that as well as teaching technique we teach our wolves how to cope with such challenges for example if they are training towards a grading or a competition. We believe that as our young wolves learn to tackle such challenges they will develop coping, problem solving and communication skills which will be transferable to everyday life.

Team Work and Leadership

Being part of the pack teaches our young wolves how to work as a team member and on occasion how to lead. We often use games made up of competing teams. Every young wolf gets an opportunity to play captain.

These are just some of the many attributes that martial arts brings everyone but especially children. Our classes are fun and friendly with games designed around martial arts to help encourage our young wolves to learn. We include boxing, kick boxing and wrestling as well as sparring. Our wolf pack are aged between 6 – 12 years.


The Forge Martial Arts Academy
Hut 22, Tilgate Recreation Centre
Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9BQ


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