Some of our students only train in the weaponry classes. These classes offer training from a global aspect, looking at weaponry from Japan, China, Europe and the Philippine’s and East Asia. We cover both weapon on weapon or empty hand against weapon. Whilst we train for realism we do also train for sports and some students have competed in stick fighting.

Weapons covered include sticks, staff, sword and knife as well as weapons such as the axe, spear and palm stick. We also run workshops from time to time where we look at weapons such as the bow.

Training is done with Armour when necessary for safety especially when sparring. All equipment is supplied so even if this is your first venture you can take part in any aspect of the training.

If you are a Martial artist looking to expand your knowledge in the field of weaponry or just starting out in Martial Arts in general, we can cater for you. 

For more information simply fill in the online form and pop along for a free trial.

Weapons training is every Wednesday 6.30 – 8.30pm


The Forge Martial Arts Academy
Hut 22, Tilgate Recreation Centre
Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9BQ


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