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It is unlikely that if you are reading this you have never heard of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Indeed the rise of MMA and Cage fighting, culminating for many in the UFC, has been meteoritic in recent years. Coach Greg has helped produce fighters such as Jon Jones, Holly Holm and George St. Pierre to name a few. You have probably heard those names banded about but often you do not hear the names of those behind the fighters. Coach Greg Jackson is without one of the best International Martial Art coaches in the world. Coach Greg was awarded ‘Best Coach’ and ‘Best Gym’ in 2009 and in 2010 was awarded ‘Coach of the year’.

You can read more about the history of the man himself on our Coach page (link), here I am just going to give a brief idea of what Jacksons MMA is and what it means to you the students training in this system. I have been very fortunate to meet Coach Greg in person and spend a little time not only with him but also some of his team. The most enduring memory for me is how passionate they all are regarding Martial Arts.

Coach Greg, in the same way as Bob, is always investigating, analysing and improving his interpretation of the Arts. Speaking with him was a genuine pleasure. There was no ego just a real desire to help me improve my own game and that of my students back here at the Forge.

Born from Coach Greg’s own experiences the Jacksons MMA program is not just to teach you how to fight in a cage or ring. Indeed at the core is the essential belief that the material learnt can also be used for self defence. Coach Greg is a Martial Artist at heart and therefore it is important to both Coach Greg and ourselves that anything a student learns at the Forge is multifunctional. A student does not want nor need one set of skills for competing and another for real life situations.

Following Coach Greg’s program you will learn how ‘moves’ are broken down to constituent parts Platform, Structure and Technique. You will learn develop attributes in areas such as Posture, Base and angles to name 3 of the 9 areas. Once you understand and develop these areas as a student you will learn ‘Chaining’ and ‘Tactics’. Both of which are part of the much larger picture, the ‘Fight’.

Learning the structure of the ‘Fight’ is one of the goals of an intermediate student, to learn how to use your initiative to control the fight. Understanding and implementing ‘Tactics’ to ensure your opponent loses.

This is just a taster of the wealth of information available to students on the Jacksons MMA program. There are reasons Coach Greg and his team have stayed at the top of their game for so many years and those reasons are deeply embedded in this program. We are genuinely delighted to represent this program for Coach Greg here in the UK. If you are looking to study the best in the Arts then just like Bobs 4D program this one will offer you just that, the best.


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