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Self Protection

This area of our training comes away from the sport and competitive side of Martial Arts and focuses solely on real life encounters. That said we do not just focus on the physical combative,s but also on learning to recognise and understand key concepts such as situational awareness, predator habits and rituals as well as strategies and tactics for dealing with real situations as they unfold.

We use material from many different sources including 4D, JKD Combatives and 360 Combatives. The training includes dealing with encounters that involve weaponry as well as dealing with multiple opponents.

It is important to understand that this training is not for sport but for real life encounters and therefore we are not going to teach you to be John Wick. The training is about avoiding situations where possible, how to read a situation as it unfolds and how to manage and escape potential life threatening situations where possible. Lastly if it is not possible to avoid then how to deal with such a situation with enough force to ensure your safe escape.

We use a selection of equipment and training can be high paced and highly pressured as you would expect given the nature of the beast.

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