Welcome to our new facilities here in Crawley. It is just over 3000 square feet dedicated solely to Martial Arts and fitness training.

We are still in the process of finishing all the necessary cosmetics, however the gym is up and running and we would love to see you here.

There are two studios, the first is fully matted making it more than suitable for all the arts we practice. The second is a laminated studio for fitness and yoga training.


  • We have matted the walls and the floor to ensure greater safety in training. As we practice arts that include takedowns and throws, as well as clinch work and grappling, this also means you can train for far longer at a much harder level.Furthermore the kids classes will launch in January. The matted surfaces mean that parents can have peace of mind regarding thge level of safety for their children.

    Lastly we are currently building a cage wall for students and fighters to practice against ensuring that they can train to the optimum.


  • We carry all the equipment you will need for training. From focus pads, Thai pads and Kick shields. There are a number of different weight bags as wel as ground bags for grappling. We also have armour for stick fighting along with equipment for reality training. January will see the arrival of further equipment to supplement students training. On the fitness side we have an array of weights and kettlebells along with MMA training equipment, medicine balls etc. There are spare gloves for new students but we highly recommend that you get your own as soon as possible and we can help with that to keep costs low.


  • All our coaches are highly trained coming from numerous Martial Art backgrounds. Between us we cover the full spectrum from Martial arts to reality training through to MMA. Our coaches teaching Martial arts here in Crawley believe in offering the best quality and functional training there is. To enable this they regularly go for further training themselves often under internationally renowned instructors. 


The Forge Martial Arts Academy
Hut 22, Tilgate Recreation Centre
Tilgate, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9BQ


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