4D Combat

You have likely read about Guro Bob Breen on the previous pages and so recognise that he has given an tremendous amount to the Martial Arts. However 4D is the culmination of all Guro Bob’s knowledge and experience on his journey. What is 4D though and what does it mean to you the student?

4D has emerged from Guro Bob’s considerable experience and skill-set gathered, absorbed and refined over some 50 years or so. What is most incredible though, this knowledge like a good malt, has been distilled to create a system whereby the student can fast track his or her way to becoming an accomplished fighter in a far far shorter time.

To older long term students like us there is an element of jealousy on our part lol. We have sweated and trained for years and now through 4D we see new students come along absorb the 4D material and develop quicker than we did. Whilst that stings old timers like us, as coaches we love to see exactly this, a system that shows the value of evolution in the arts.

By taking all that was before, analysing and pressure testing it to see what works and what does not, not only in techniques and tactics but also in teaching practices, Guro Bob Breen has created a system that will produce excellent fighters in far less time than it ever took.

4D is a system that Guro Bob has created out of the principles inherent within both Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts. Its focus is on Four major areas of combat, striking, clinching, weaponry and multiple opponents. Further to this, it incorporates five universal combative instincts, fight and flight, fence, cover and clinch. Learning to effectively operate within the four major areas and using skills that are aligned to the instincts in a combative environment allows the student to master the ‘chaos’ of the fight.

One key element in 4D is the principle that ‘less is more’. By having techniques and tactics that are removed from the esoteric or convoluted and keeping it simple, the student has a much greater capability thriving in the chaos. Another key element is the ‘Box’ whilst initially seemingly a type of guard it is far more in its application and use.
The student learns how to use the box both defensively and in attack, being able to understand and utilise the Box is at the core of 4D it allows the student to manipulate the structure and base of the opponent/s in order to control the fight, you can see more here (click to link)

Finally another fundamental in learning 4D is how to navigate through a chaotic frenetic situation such as a fight. It is the 4D Map that is the answer. As a student we teach you what the 4D map is and how to use it in a combative situation. Whether it is one on one or against multiple opponents understanding the map means you will be better equipped to deal with the unfolding event.

Without doubt if what you seek is an effective self defence system that will ensure your successful outcome in a fight then 4D is by far one of the best. Our students skill set and understanding of the fight has dramatically improved since we employed the teachings of 4D Combat. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Martial Artist, 4D has something for you.


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