Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

19:30 – 21:00

All our classes are intended to challenge your skill set. We will ensure that you learn new material regardless of what level you are so that training is always exciting. Further to this we push you to reach for new fitnes and skill levels so you are always growing as a student.

That said, training should always be good fun if tough. If it is fun you will want to keep training and developing. Coaches and senior students always help new beginners to settle in and pick up what can at first seem daunting material. We work to your level ensuring that you are comfortable with the speed and intensity at which you are developing.

Classes are an incredible social experience and students often become great friends with each other. Right now we run a class four nights a week, however in January there will be far more added on and we will be open during the day. We believe in training hard but we also like a good laugh and to have fun so come along and try us out.

Private Tution

As well as classes, you can decide to top up your training with private tuition. You can do this at any level you just need to let us know and we will arrange it with the coach best suited for what you wish to achieve in training.

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